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Racquet Stringing Process and Information

Racquet Stringing Process and Information

Courtside Outfitters

Does Courtside Outfitters string racquets?  Of course we do!  Restringing and racquet service is a huge part of our business.  Our stringing team has over 50 years of collective experience.  We have seen it all!  Whether it be stringing for pro tournaments or local USTA players, our experience can guide you through this process. 

If you think you need stringing, here is a little information about our process:

-We usually guarantee next-day turn-around on one racquet.

-One-hour stringing is available with an appointment.

-We offer all services racquet-related including customization.

-Our Main St. headquarters is where it happens.  We house over 100 different types of string here.

Read on for more information.  

Courtside Outfitters Stringing Services

Most string companies recommend players get their racquets strung as many times per year as they play per week (play two times per week, get the racquet done every six months).  We say this schedule is not set in stone but a good guideline. 
Racquet strings are elastic.  After a while of being under tension in a racquet, they lose their elasticity.  Old strings do not have the ability to return energy into the ball.  We can usually tell when strings are worn out when they seem to move and create gaps in the string bed.  This is only half-correct.  The truth is, strings always move.  Older strings simply do not snap back into place therefore we notice the movement more. 
If you have to fix your strings after every point, this is usually a good sign that they need to be redone.  

Courtside Outfitters Stringing Services

Tennis elbow is inflammation or, in some cases, microtearing of the tendons that join the forearm muscles on the outside of the elbow. The forearm muscles and tendons become damaged from overuse — repeating the same motions again and again. This leads to pain and tenderness on the outside (or inside) of the elbow.
Most of the time, tennis elbow is caused by overuse or improper technique.  Strings cannot help this, unfortunately.  What strings can do is serve as a buffer to stop harmful vibrations getting to your arm.  Softer strings and lower tensions will usually help or, at least, eliminate strings as the culprit.  Furthermore, keeping your strings fresh is very important for this reason.
Courtside Outfitters Stringing Services
A hybrid string setup is the use of two different strings in the mains and cross strings of a racquet. This can be as simple as using two different gauges of the same string but is more commonly done with two completely different string materials. For example, natural gut with a polyester.
Hybrid strings are very popular right now.  The most common application of a hybrid is a stronger string in the mains (up and down strings) and a softer string in the crosses (side to side).  This helps string-breakers get more life out of strings.  Going from a straight synthetic gut to a poly/synthetic hybrid set-up can increase durability by as much as 50%
We also have players who do not break strings interested in hybrid set-ups.  In this case, we can put a softer string in the main strings (yes, Federer and other pros do this) and a more rigid string in the crosses.  This creates better spin potential and more power.   
Courtside Outfitters Stringing Services
One of the main questions we get since the new owners took over is "Do you have the records from JBTennis?".  YES, we do!
We use these records as a tool in prescribing changes to your stringing set-up.  We look at tension, type of string and last date strung along with your feedback to suggest new and better strings to try.  Of course, if you want the same set-up you have always had, we can do it!  Our records date back many years.  Please call us to see when your strings were last done.
Courtside Outfitters Stringing Services
An old grip can lead to tennis elbow!  Now do I have your attention?
We see a lot of customers with tennis elbow using grips that are disintegrating from age.  When we cannot hang onto the racquet, our forearm muscles work too hard.  This leads to a host of problems with the stroke and reduces power.  You should not be thinking of hanging onto your racquet through your stroke.  If you are, this usually means the grip is not doing it's job.  Change it!
Racquet customization is another service we provide.  This can be as easy as adding weight to the head of the racquet for more power.  It can also get intricate in cases of matching different racquets to produce the same results.  We use the same machines as ATP and WTA pros use for customization.  Ask what we can do for you next time you are in.
Courtside Outfitters Stringing Services
We handpick every string we stock to suit the needs of our customers.  Our string wall has over 100 different strings and each one fills a specific need.  We stock Solinco, Luxilon, Tecnifibre, Gamma, Wilson, Babolat, Head, Yonex, Volkl and many more. 
Courtside Outfitters Stringing Services
As we service more national customers, we are seeing a need for players who do not have a tennis shop close to ship racquets to be strung.  You can access our service here: