JB’s Racquet Care Guide and Warranty Information

Storage: Try not to leave your racquet or paddle in the car or the garage. While the graphite fibers in your racquet don’t like the extreme temperatures, your strings will definitely be affected by the change.  The extreme heat and cold can cause the strings to stretch, become brittle and ultimately lose tension. This causes a lack of responsiveness in your strings and can actually be a cause of tennis elbow.  While you may like to sit in the sauna or enjoy a chilly ice bath after a long match, your racquet does not!

Re-strings: The general rule for re-stinging from racquet manufacturers is, as many times as you play per week, have your racquet strung per year.  (I.E. You play 2 times per week, get it strung twice a year.) In reality, you should have your strings replaced at least once a year.  Strings that have been in a racquet for a year, even if they haven’t been played with, will go “dead”, losing elasticity.  When strings get worn out, they stretch out more and don’t snap back as hard or as fast. You may notice a lack of power and feel or that pesky tennis elbow flaring up again. If you play on a regular basis, you will be the best judge of when it needs to be re-strung.  

Grips: Grips wear out over time whether you use the grip that came with the racquet (a replacement grip) or put an overgrip on top. Some people replace overgrips weekly and others change their replacement grips every few years. When it gets worn you may feel your hand start slipping or you might get a blister. Putting on a new grip can help you grip the handle better.  An old grip can lead to the racquet flying out of your hand (keep reading for Warranty information!).

Bumper Guards: The plastic piece on the top of the racquet is called the bumper. This protects the racquet itself from getting scraped up from when you get low and hit those beautiful drop shots.  We have inexpensive tape to put on top of the bumper to help protect it.  We can also order replacement bumpers for most racquets. They need to be strung in and they are unique to each racquet. Just let us know you need one.  We can easily order one before your next re-string.

Warranty: Adult Tennis, Racquetball and Badminton racquets generally have a one year warranty on them against any unusual breaks or cracks.  If something happens, call us for a return authorization and we send it back to the company for you. Each company will put the racquet through some tests to make sure it is a defect on their part. (A racquet cracking when it flew out of your hand because of a worn out grip is not covered…Back up to the grip section for more on that!) They have gotten pretty strict in the last few years so please make sure you stop playing with it immediately after you noticed it has broken as to not cause any more damage to it. Warranties on Pickleball and Platform Tennis paddles vary so please contact us with any questions.

Strings do not have any warranties on them as we have customers who break them weekly because of the amount of spin they use.  We carry over 100 different strings so we can definitely recommend some options to give you more durability, help you play through your tennis elbow pain or just something different to help you improve your game. If you think the strings broke prematurely, leave them in the racquet and we will gladly take a look at them and replace them if they are defective.

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